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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Gene expression profiling of NK cells isolated from the pancreas of BDC TCR expressing NOD mice before or after Treg ablation by DTR. Also, NK cells cultured in vitro with activating cytokines IL12 and IL-18 with or without regulatory TGFb.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Regulatory T cells control NK cells in an insulitic lesion by depriving them of IL-2.

Sitrin Jonathan J   Ring Aaron A   Garcia K Christopher KC   Benoist Christophe C   Mathis Diane D  

The Journal of experimental medicine 20130506 6

Regulatory T (T reg) cells control progression to autoimmune diabetes in the BDC2.5/NOD mouse model by reining in natural killer (NK) cells that infiltrate the pancreatic islets, inhibiting both their proliferation and production of diabetogenic interferon-γ. In this study, we have explored the molecular mechanisms underlying this NK-T reg cell axis, following leads from a kinetic exploration of gene expression changes early after punctual perturbation of T reg cells in BDC2.5/NOD mice. Results  ...[more]

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