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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Fine Time-Course Expression Analysis of Mammalian Sex Determination in 129S1/SvImJ and C57BL/6J XX and XY mice

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Fine time course expression analysis identifies cascades of activation and repression and maps a putative regulator of mammalian sex determination.

Munger Steven C SC   Natarajan Anirudh A   Looger Loren L LL   Ohler Uwe U   Capel Blanche B  

PLoS genetics 20130711 7

In vertebrates, primary sex determination refers to the decision within a bipotential organ precursor to differentiate as a testis or ovary. Bifurcation of organ fate begins between embryonic day (E) 11.0-E12.0 in mice and likely involves a dynamic transcription network that is poorly understood. To elucidate the first steps of sexual fate specification, we profiled the XX and XY gonad transcriptomes at fine granularity during this period and resolved cascades of gene activation and repression.  ...[more]

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