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Danio rerio

ABSTRACT: Gene expression profiles after infection of zebrafish with Spring Viremia Carp Virus (SVCV)

ORGANISM(S): Danio rerio  



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Identification of multipath genes differentially expressed in pathway-targeted microarrays in zebrafish infected and surviving spring viremia carp virus (SVCV) suggest preventive drug candidates.

Encinas Paloma P   Garcia-Valtanen Pablo P   Chinchilla Blanca B   Gomez-Casado Eduardo E   Estepa Amparo A   Coll Julio J  

PloS one 20130912 9

Spring viremia carp virus (SVCV) is a rhabdovirus seasonally affecting warm-water cyprinid fish farming causing high impacts in worldwide economy. Because of the lack of effective preventive treatments, the identification of multipath genes involved in SVCV infection might be an alternative to explore the possibilities of using drugs for seasonal prevention of this fish disease. Because the zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a cyprinid susceptible to SVCV and their genetics and genome sequence are well  ...[more]

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