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Vibrio mimicus CAIM 602

ABSTRACT: Vibrio mimicus CAIM 602 Genome sequencing and assembly



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Characterization of biochemically atypical Vibrio cholerae strains and designation of a new pathogenic species, Vibrio mimicus.

Davis B R BR   Fanning G R GR   Madden J M JM   Steigerwalt A G AG   Bradford H B HB   Smith H L HL   Brenner D J DJ  

Journal of clinical microbiology 19811201 6

Biochemically atypical strains classified as Vibrio cholerae were characterized by biochemical reactions, serology, antibiotic susceptibility testing, and deoxyribonucleic acid relatedness. Strains with the following atypical reactions were shown to be V. cholerae: mannose negative, mannitol negative, lysine decarboxylase negative, no growth in the presence of 5% NaCl, salicin and cellobiose positive. Sucrose-negative strains were shown to constitute a new species, Vibrio mimicus, whose type str  ...[more]

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