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Listeria riparia FSL S10-1204

ABSTRACT: Listeria riparia FSL S10-1204 Genome sequencing and assembly



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Listeria floridensis sp. nov., Listeria aquatica sp. nov., Listeria cornellensis sp. nov., Listeria riparia sp. nov. and Listeria grandensis sp. nov., from agricultural and natural environments.

den Bakker Henk C HC   Warchocki Steven S   Wright Emily M EM   Allred Adam F AF   Ahlstrom Christina C   Manuel Clyde S CS   Stasiewicz Matthew J MJ   Burrell Angela A   Roof Sherry S   Strawn Laura K LK   Fortes Esther E   Nightingale Kendra K KK   Kephart Daniel D   Wiedmann Martin M  

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 20140305 Pt 6

Sampling of agricultural and natural environments in two US states (Colorado and Florida) yielded 18 Listeria-like isolates that could not be assigned to previously described species using traditional methods. Using whole-genome sequencing and traditional phenotypic methods, we identified five novel species, each with a genome-wide average BLAST nucleotide identity (ANIb) of less than 85% to currently described species. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences and amino acid sequen  ...[more]

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