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Novosphingobium sp. B-7

ABSTRACT: Novosphingobium sp. B-7 Genome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Novosphingobium sp. B-7  



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Kraft lignin biodegradation by Novosphingobium sp. B-7 and analysis of the degradation process.

Chen Yuehui Y   Chai Liyuan L   Tang Chongjian C   Yang Zhihui Z   Zheng Yu Y   Shi Yan Y   Zhang Huan H  

Bioresource technology 20120720

This study focused on the biodegradation of kraft lignin (KL) by Novosphingobium sp. B-7 using KL as sole carbon source. Results revealed that Novosphingobium sp. B-7 reduced the chemical oxygen demand (COD) by 34.7% in KL mineral salt medium after 7days of incubation. Additionally, the maximum activities of manganese peroxidase (MnP) of 3229.8Ul(-1) and laccase (Lac) of 1275Ul(-1) were observed at 4th and 5th day, respectively. GC-MS analysis indicated that after incubated with Novosphingobium  ...[more]

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