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Termite gut metagenome

ABSTRACT: Termite gut metagenome

ORGANISM(S): termite gut metagenome  



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Metagenomic and functional analysis of hindgut microbiota of a wood-feeding higher termite.

Warnecke Falk F   Luginbühl Peter P   Ivanova Natalia N   Ghassemian Majid M   Richardson Toby H TH   Stege Justin T JT   Cayouette Michelle M   McHardy Alice C AC   Djordjevic Gordana G   Aboushadi Nahla N   Sorek Rotem R   Tringe Susannah G SG   Podar Mircea M   Martin Hector Garcia HG   Kunin Victor V   Dalevi Daniel D   Madejska Julita J   Kirton Edward E   Platt Darren D   Szeto Ernest E   Salamov Asaf A   Barry Kerrie K   Mikhailova Natalia N   Kyrpides Nikos C NC   Matson Eric G EG   Ottesen Elizabeth A EA   Zhang Xinning X   Hernández Myriam M   Murillo Catalina C   Acosta Luis G LG   Rigoutsos Isidore I   Tamayo Giselle G   Green Brian D BD   Chang Cathy C   Rubin Edward M EM   Mathur Eric J EJ   Robertson Dan E DE   Hugenholtz Philip P   Leadbetter Jared R JR  

Nature 20071101 7169

From the standpoints of both basic research and biotechnology, there is considerable interest in reaching a clearer understanding of the diversity of biological mechanisms employed during lignocellulose degradation. Globally, termites are an extremely successful group of wood-degrading organisms and are therefore important both for their roles in carbon turnover in the environment and as potential sources of biochemical catalysts for efforts aimed at converting wood into biofuels. Only recently  ...[more]

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