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Aspergillus niger SH-2

ABSTRACT: Aspergillus niger SH-2 Genome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Aspergillus niger SH-2  



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Genomic analysis of the aconidial and high-performance protein producer, industrially relevant Aspergillus niger SH2 strain.

Yin Chao C   Wang Bin B   He Pan P   Lin Ying Y   Pan Li L  

Gene 20140311 2

Aspergillus niger is usually regarded as a beneficial species widely used in biotechnological industry. Obtaining the genome sequence of the widely used aconidial A. niger SH2 strain is of great importance to understand its unusual production capability. In this study we assembled a high-quality genome sequence of A. niger SH2 with approximately 11,517 ORFs. Relatively high proportion of genes enriched for protein expression related FunCat items verify its efficient capacity in protein productio  ...[more]

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