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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Gene expression profile of ETV1 knockdown in LNCaP prostate cancer cells

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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ETS factors reprogram the androgen receptor cistrome and prime prostate tumorigenesis in response to PTEN loss.

Chen Yu Y   Chi Ping P   Rockowitz Shira S   Iaquinta Phillip J PJ   Shamu Tambudzai T   Shukla Shipra S   Gao Dong D   Sirota Inna I   Carver Brett S BS   Wongvipat John J   Scher Howard I HI   Zheng Deyou D   Sawyers Charles L CL  

Nature medicine 20130630 8

Studies of ETS-mediated prostate oncogenesis have been hampered by a lack of suitable experimental systems. Here we describe a new conditional mouse model that shows robust, homogenous ERG expression throughout the prostate. When combined with homozygous Pten loss, the mice developed accelerated, highly penetrant invasive prostate cancer. In mouse prostate tissue, ERG markedly increased androgen receptor (AR) binding. Robust ERG-mediated transcriptional changes, observed only in the setting of P  ...[more]

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