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Desulfovibrio gigas DSM 1382 = ATCC 19364

ABSTRACT: Gigasnoma - The Desulfovibrio gigas Genome

ORGANISM(S): Desulfovibrio gigas DSM 1382 = ATCC 19364  



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Molecular characterization of Desulfovibrio gigas neelaredoxin, a protein involved in oxygen detoxification in anaerobes.

Silva G G   LeGall J J   Xavier A V AV   Teixeira M M   Rodrigues-Pousada C C  

Journal of bacteriology 20010801 15

Desulfovibrio gigas neelaredoxin is an iron-containing protein of 15 kDa, having a single iron site with a His(4)Cys coordination. Neelaredoxins and homologous proteins are widespread in anaerobic prokaryotes and have superoxide-scavenging activity. To further understand its role in anaerobes, its genomic organization and expression in D. gigas were studied and its ability to complement Escherichia coli superoxide dismutase deletion mutant was assessed. In D. gigas, neelaredoxin is transcribed a  ...[more]

Publication: 1/14

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