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ABSTRACT: Analysis of SoxNeuro gene expression changes, genome-wide binding, and comparison of SoxNeuro and Dichaete binding profiles in wild type and mutant embryos



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SoxNeuro orchestrates central nervous system specification and differentiation in Drosophila and is only partially redundant with Dichaete.

Ferrero Enrico E   Fischer Bettina B   Russell Steven S  

Genome biology 20140530 5

BACKGROUND:Sox proteins encompass an evolutionarily conserved family of transcription factors with critical roles in animal development and stem cell biology. In common with vertebrates, the Drosophila group B proteins SoxNeuro and Dichaete are involved in central nervous system development, where they play both similar and unique roles in gene regulation. Sox genes show extensive functional redundancy across metazoans, but the molecular basis underpinning functional compensation mechanisms at t  ...[more]

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