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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: WWOX interacts with SMAD3 and modulates its transcriptional activity in breast cells

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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The cancer gene WWOX behaves as an inhibitor of SMAD3 transcriptional activity via direct binding.

Ferguson Brent W BW   Gao Xinsheng X   Zelazowski Maciej J MJ   Lee Jaeho J   Jeter Collene R CR   Abba Martin C MC   Aldaz C Marcelo CM  

BMC cancer 20131211

The WW domain containing protein WWOX has been postulated to behave as a tumor suppressor in breast and other cancers. Expression of this protein is lost in over 70% of ER negative tumors. This prompted us to investigate the phenotypic and gene expression effects of loss of WWOX expression in breast cells.Gene expression microarrays and standard in vitro assays were performed on stably silenced WWOX (shRNA) normal breast cells. Bioinformatic analyses were used to identify gene networks and trans  ...[more]

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