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Gallus gallus

ABSTRACT: Assignment of unknown contigs to chicken microchromosome 16 (GGA16)

ORGANISM(S): Gallus gallus  



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Mapping genes to chicken microchromosome 16 and discovery of olfactory and scavenger receptor genes near the major histocompatibility complex.

Miller Marcia M MM   Robinson Charmaine M CM   Abernathy Jason J   Goto Ronald M RM   Hamilton Melissa K MK   Zhou Huaijun H   Delany Mary E ME  

The Journal of heredity 20131211 2

Trisomy mapping is a powerful method for assigning genes to chicken microchromosome 16 (GGA 16). The single chicken nucleolar organizer region (NOR), the 2 major histocompatibility complex regions (MHC-Y and MHC-B), and CD1 genes were all previously assigned to GGA 16 using trisomy mapping. Here, we combined array comparative genomic hybridization with trisomy mapping to screen unassigned genomic scaffolds (consigned temporarily to chrUn_random) for sequences originating from GGA 16. A number of  ...[more]

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