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Thermobispora bispora DSM 43833

ABSTRACT: Thermophilic actinomycete

ORGANISM(S): Thermobispora bispora DSM 43833  



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Complete genome sequence of Thermobispora bispora type strain (R51).

Liolios Konstantinos K   Sikorski Johannes J   Jando Marlen M   Lapidus Alla A   Copeland Alex A   Glavina Tijana T   Del Rio   Nolan Matt M   Lucas Susan S   Tice Hope H   Cheng Jan-Fang JF   Han Cliff C   Woyke Tanja T   Goodwin Lynne L   Pitluck Sam S   Ivanova Natalia N   Mavromatis Konstantinos K   Mikhailova Natalia N   Chertkov Olga O   Kuske Cheryl C   Chen Amy A   Palaniappan Krishna K   Land Miriam M   Hauser Loren L   Chang Yun-Juan YJ   Jeffries Cynthia D CD   Detter John C JC   Brettin Thomas T   Rohde Manfred M   Göker Markus M   Bristow James J   Eisen Jonathan A JA   Markowitz Victor V   Hugenholtz Philip P   Klenk Hans-Peter HP   Kyrpides Nikos C NC  

Standards in genomic sciences 20100615 3

Thermobispora bispora (Henssen 1957) Wang et al. 1996 is the type species of the genus Thermobispora. This genus is of great interest because it is strictly thermophilic and because it has been shown for several of its members that the genome contains substantially distinct (6.4% sequence difference) and transcriptionally active 16S rRNA genes. Here we describe the features of this organism, together with the complete genome sequence and annotation. This is the second completed genome sequence o  ...[more]

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