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Gonapodya prolifera JEL478

ABSTRACT: Gonapodya prolifera JEL478 Genome sequencing and assembly

ORGANISM(S): Gonapodya prolifera JEL478  



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Phylogenomic Analyses Indicate that Early Fungi Evolved Digesting Cell Walls of Algal Ancestors of Land Plants.

Chang Ying Y   Wang Sishuo S   Wang Sishuo S   Sekimoto Satoshi S   Aerts Andrea L AL   Choi Cindy C   Clum Alicia A   LaButti Kurt M KM   Lindquist Erika A EA   Yee Ngan Chew C   Ohm Robin A RA   Salamov Asaf A AA   Grigoriev Igor V IV   Spatafora Joseph W JW   Berbee Mary L ML  

Genome biology and evolution 20150514 6

As decomposers, fungi are key players in recycling plant material in global carbon cycles. We hypothesized that genomes of early diverging fungi may have inherited pectinases from an ancestral species that had been able to extract nutrients from pectin-containing land plants and their algal allies (Streptophytes). We aimed to infer, based on pectinase gene expansions and on the organismal phylogeny, the geological timing of the plant-fungus association. We analyzed 40 fungal genomes, three of wh  ...[more]

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