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Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053

ABSTRACT: Isolated from corn

ORGANISM(S): Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053  



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Complete genome sequence of Dyadobacter fermentans type strain (NS114).

Lang Elke E   Lapidus Alla A   Chertkov Olga O   Brettin Thomas T   Detter John C JC   Han Cliff C   Copeland Alex A   Glavina Del Rio Tijana T   Nolan Matt M   Chen Feng F   Lucas Susan S   Tice Hope H   Cheng Jan-Fang JF   Land Miriam M   Hauser Loren L   Chang Yun-Juan YJ   Jeffries Cynthia D CD   Kopitz Marcus M   Bruce David D   Goodwin Lynne L   Pitluck Sam S   Ovchinnikova Galina G   Pati Amrita A   Ivanova Natalia N   Mavrommatis Konstantinos K   Chen Amy A   Palaniappan Krishna K   Chain Patrick P   Bristow Jim J   Eisen Jonathan A JA   Markowitz Victor V   Hugenholtz Philip P   Göker Markus M   Rohde Manfred M   Kyrpides Nikos C NC   Klenk Hans-Peter HP  

Standards in genomic sciences 20090924 2

Dyadobacter fermentans (Chelius and Triplett, 2000) is the type species of the genus Dyadobacter. It is of phylogenetic interest because of its location in the Cytophagaceae, a very diverse family within the order 'Sphingobacteriales'. D. fermentans has a mainly respiratory metabolism, stains Gram-negative, is non-motile and oxidase and catalase positive. It is characterized by the production of cell filaments in aging cultures, a flexirubin-like pigment and its ability to ferment glucose, which  ...[more]

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