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Human parvovirus

ABSTRACT: Human parvovirus viral integrations into human cell types

ORGANISM(S): Human parvovirus  



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High-throughput sequencing reveals principles of adeno-associated virus serotype 2 integration.

Janovitz Tyler T   Klein Isaac A IA   Oliveira Thiago T   Mukherjee Piali P   Nussenzweig Michel C MC   Sadelain Michel M   Falck-Pedersen Erik E  

Journal of virology 20130529 15

Viral integrations are important in human biology, yet genome-wide integration profiles have not been determined for many viruses. Adeno-associated virus (AAV) infects most of the human population and is a prevalent gene therapy vector. AAV integrates into the human genome with preference for a single locus, termed AAVS1. However, the genome-wide integration of AAV has not been defined, and the principles underlying this recombination remain unclear. Using a novel high-throughput approach, integ  ...[more]

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