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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Effects of FGF2 and cell culture surface on the transcriptome of adult human dermal fibroblasts

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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FGF2-induced effects on transcriptome associated with regeneration competence in adult human fibroblasts.

Kashpur Olga O   LaPointe David D   Ambady Sakthikumar S   Ryder Elizabeth F EF   Dominko Tanja T  

BMC genomics 20130926

Adult human fibroblasts grown in low oxygen and with FGF2 supplementation have the capacity to tip the healing outcome of skeletal muscle injury - by favoring regeneration response in vivo over scar formation. Here, we compare the transcriptomes of control adult human dermal fibroblasts and induced regeneration-competent (iRC) fibroblasts to identify transcriptional changes that may be related to their regeneration competence.We identified a unique gene-expression profile that characterizes FGF2  ...[more]

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