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Rhazya stricta

ABSTRACT: Rhazya stricta Transcriptome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Rhazya stricta  



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The temporal foliar transcriptome of the perennial C3 desert plant Rhazya stricta in its natural environment.

Yates Steven A SA   Chernukhin Igor I   Alvarez-Fernandez Ruben R   Bechtold Ulrike U   Baeshen Mohammed M   Baeshen Nabih N   Mutwakil Mohammad Z MZ   Sabir Jamal J   Lawson Tracy T   Mullineaux Philip M PM  

BMC plant biology 20140104

The perennial species Rhazya stricta (R. stricta) grows in arid zones and carries out typical C3 photosynthesis under daily extremes of heat, light intensity and low humidity. In order to identify processes attributable to its adaptation to this harsh environment, we profiled the foliar transcriptome of apical and mature leaves harvested from the field at three time periods of the same day.Next generation sequencing was used to reconstruct the transcriptome and quantify gene expression. 28018 fu  ...[more]

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