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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Induction of Ground-State Pluripotency by Minimal Factor Episomal-Expression in Single Cell Format

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Platform for induction and maintenance of transgene-free hiPSCs resembling ground state pluripotent stem cells.

Valamehr Bahram B   Robinson Megan M   Abujarour Ramzey R   Rezner Betsy B   Vranceanu Florin F   Le Thuy T   Medcalf Amanda A   Lee Tom Tong TT   Fitch Michael M   Robbins David D   Flynn Peter P  

Stem cell reports 20140306 3

Cell banking, disease modeling, and cell therapy applications have placed increasing demands on hiPSC technology. Specifically, the high-throughput derivation of footprint-free hiPSCs and their expansion in systems that allow scaled production remains technically challenging. Here, we describe a platform for the rapid, parallel generation, selection, and expansion of hiPSCs using small molecule pathway inhibitors in stage-specific media compositions. The platform supported efficient and expedite  ...[more]

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