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ABSTRACT: Efficient identification of microRNAs for classification of tumor origin



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Efficient identification of miRNAs for classification of tumor origin.

Søkilde Rolf R   Vincent Martin M   Møller Anne K AK   Hansen Alastair A   Høiby Poul E PE   Blondal Thorarinn T   Nielsen Boye S BS   Daugaard Gedske G   Møller Søren S   Litman Thomas T  

The Journal of molecular diagnostics : JMD 20131105 1

Carcinomas of unknown primary origin constitute 3% to 5% of all newly diagnosed metastatic cancers, with the primary source difficult to classify with current histological methods. Effective cancer treatment depends on early and accurate identification of the tumor; patients with metastases of unknown origin have poor prognosis and short survival. Because miRNA expression is highly tissue specific, the miRNA profile of a metastasis may be used to identify its origin. We therefore evaluated the p  ...[more]

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