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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: RNA-seq (Illumina and PacBio) of hESC



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Gaining comprehensive biological insight into the transcriptome by performing a broad-spectrum RNA-seq analysis.

Sahraeian Sayed Mohammad Ebrahim SME   Mohiyuddin Marghoob M   Sebra Robert R   Tilgner Hagen H   Afshar Pegah T PT   Au Kin Fai KF   Bani Asadi Narges N   Gerstein Mark B MB   Wong Wing Hung WH   Snyder Michael P MP   Schadt Eric E   Lam Hugo Y K HYK  

Nature communications 20170705 1

RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) is an essential technique for transcriptome studies, hundreds of analysis tools have been developed since it was debuted. Although recent efforts have attempted to assess the latest available tools, they have not evaluated the analysis workflows comprehensively to unleash the power within RNA-seq. Here we conduct an extensive study analysing a broad spectrum of RNA-seq workflows. Surpassing the expression analysis scope, our work also includes assessment of RNA variant-c  ...[more]

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