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Lates calcarifer

ABSTRACT: Asian seabass transcriptome

ORGANISM(S): Lates calcarifer  



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Primary analysis of repeat elements of the Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) transcriptome and genome.

Kuznetsova Inna S IS   Thevasagayam Natascha M NM   Sridatta Prakki S R PS   Komissarov Aleksey S AS   Saju Jolly M JM   Ngoh Si Y SY   Jiang Junhui J   Shen Xueyan X   Orbán László L  

Frontiers in Genetics 20140725

As part of our Asian seabass genome project, we are generating an inventory of repeat elements in the genome and transcriptome. The karyotype showed a diploid number of 2n = 24 chromosomes with a variable number of B-chromosomes. The transcriptome and genome of Asian seabass were searched for repetitive elements with experimental and bioinformatics tools. Six different types of repeats constituting 8-14% of the genome were characterized. Repetitive elements were clustered in the pericentromeric  ...[more]

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