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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: nELAVL HITS-CLIP in Alzheimer's Disease patients

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Regulatory consequences of neuronal ELAV-like protein binding to coding and non-coding RNAs in human brain.

Scheckel Claudia C   Drapeau Elodie E   Frias Maria A MA   Park Christopher Y CY   Fak John J   Zucker-Scharff Ilana I   Kou Yan Y   Haroutunian Vahram V   Ma'ayan Avi A   Buxbaum Joseph D JD   Darnell Robert B RB  

eLife 20160219

Neuronal ELAV-like (nELAVL) RNA binding proteins have been linked to numerous neurological disorders. We performed crosslinking-immunoprecipitation and RNAseq on human brain, and identified nELAVL binding sites on 8681 transcripts. Using knockout mice and RNAi in human neuroblastoma cells, we showed that nELAVL intronic and 3' UTR binding regulates human RNA splicing and abundance. We validated hundreds of nELAVL targets among which were important neuronal and disease-associated transcripts, inc  ...[more]

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