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Agropyron cristatum strain:Z559

ABSTRACT: Agropyron cristatum strain:Z559 Transcriptome or Gene expression



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De novo transcriptome sequencing of Agropyron cristatum to identify available gene resources for the enhancement of wheat.

Zhang Jinpeng J   Liu Weihua W   Han Haiming H   Song Liqiang L   Bai Li L   Gao Zhihui Z   Zhang Yan Y   Yang Xinming X   Li Xiuquan X   Gao Ainong A   Li Lihui L  

Genomics 20150415 2

Agropyron cristatum is a wild grass of the tribe Triticeae that is widely grown in harsh environments. As a wild relative of wheat, A. cristatum carries many resistance genes that could be used to broaden the genetic diversity of wheat. Here, we report the transcriptome sequencing of the flag leaf and young spike tissues of a representative tetraploid A. cristatum. More than 90 million reads from the two tissues were assembled into 73,664 unigenes. All unigenes were functionally annotated agains  ...[more]

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