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Xanthomonas translucens pv. undulosa strain:Xtu4699

ABSTRACT: Xtu 4699 genome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Xanthomonas translucens pv. undulosa  



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Long read and single molecule DNA sequencing simplifies genome assembly and TAL effector gene analysis of Xanthomonas translucens.

Peng Zhao Z   Hu Ying Y   Xie Jingzhong J   Potnis Neha N   Akhunova Alina A   Jones Jeffrey J   Liu Zhaohui Z   White Frank F FF   Liu Sanzhen S  

BMC genomics 20160105

The species Xanthomonas translucens encompasses a complex of bacterial strains that cause diseases and yield loss on grass species including important cereal crops. Three pathovars, X. translucens pv. undulosa, X. translucens pv. translucens and X. translucens pv.cerealis, have been described as pathogens of wheat, barley, and oats. However, no complete genome sequence for a strain of this complex is currently available.A complete genome sequence of X. translucens pv. undulosa strain XT4699 was  ...[more]

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