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Lupinus angustifolius strain:Tanjil

ABSTRACT: Lupinus angustifolius strain:Tanjil Transcriptome or Gene expression

ORGANISM(S): Lupinus angustifolius  



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Transcriptome sequencing of different narrow-leafed lupin tissue types provides a comprehensive uni-gene assembly and extensive gene-based molecular markers.

Kamphuis Lars G LG   Hane James K JK   Nelson Matthew N MN   Gao Lingling L   Atkins Craig A CA   Singh Karam B KB  

Plant biotechnology journal 20140724 1

Narrow-leafed lupin (NLL; Lupinus angustifolius L.) is an important grain legume crop that is valuable for sustainable farming and is becoming recognized as a human health food. NLL breeding is directed at improving grain production, disease resistance, drought tolerance and health benefits. However, genetic and genomic studies have been hindered by a lack of extensive genomic resources for the species. Here, the generation, de novo assembly and annotation of transcriptome datasets derived from  ...[more]

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