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Transfer of Non-coding DNA Drives Regulatory Rewiring in Bacteria

ABSTRACT: Transfer of Non-coding DNA Drives Regulatory Rewiring in Bacteria



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Transfer of noncoding DNA drives regulatory rewiring in bacteria.

Oren Yaara Y   Smith Mark B MB   Johns Nathan I NI   Kaplan Zeevi Millie M   Biran Dvora D   Ron Eliora Z EZ   Corander Jukka J   Wang Harris H HH   Alm Eric J EJ   Pupko Tal T  

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20141013 45

Understanding the mechanisms that generate variation is a common pursuit unifying the life sciences. Bacteria represent an especially striking puzzle, because closely related strains possess radically different metabolic and ecological capabilities. Differences in protein repertoire arising from gene transfer are currently considered the primary mechanism underlying phenotypic plasticity in bacteria. Although bacterial coding plasticity has been extensively studied in previous decades, little is  ...[more]

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