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Malus domestica

ABSTRACT: Large scale analysis of apple mealiness within IM apple progeny

ORGANISM(S): Malus domestica  



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Multiscale investigation of mealiness in apple: an atypical role for a pectin methylesterase during fruit maturation.

Segonne Sandrine Mikol SM   Bruneau Maryline M   Celton Jean-Marc JM   Le Gall Sophie S   Francin-Allami Mathilde M   Juchaux Marjorie M   Laurens Fran├žois F   Orsel Mathilde M   Renou Jean-Pierre JP  

BMC plant biology 20141231

BACKGROUND: Apple fruit mealiness is one of the most important textural problems that results from an undesirable ripening process during storage. This phenotype is characterized by textural deterioration described as soft, grainy and dry fruit. Despite several studies, little is known about mealiness development and the associated molecular events. In this study, we integrated phenotypic, microscopic, transcriptomic and biochemical analyses to gain insights into the molecular basis of mealiness  ...[more]

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