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Lobosphaera incisa

ABSTRACT: Lobosphaera incisa Genome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Lobosphaera incisa  



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The complete sequence of the chloroplast genome of the green microalga Lobosphaera (Parietochloris) incisa.

Tourasse Nicolas J NJ   Barbi Tommaso T   Waterhouse Janet C JC   Shtaida Nastassia N   Leu Stefan S   Boussiba Sammy S   Purton Saul S   Vallon Olivier O  

Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis 20141125 3

We hereby report the complete chloroplast genome sequence of the green unicellular alga Lobosphaera (Parietochloris) incisa (strain SAG 2468). The genome consists of a circular chromosome of 156,028 bp, which is 72% A-T rich and does not contain a large rRNA-encoding inverted repeat. It is predicted to encode a total of 111 genes including 78 protein-coding, three rRNA, and 30 tRNA genes. The genome sequence also carries a self-splicing group I intron and a group II intron remnant. Overall, the  ...[more]

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