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Onygena corvina strain:CBS 281.48

ABSTRACT: Onygena corvina strain:CBS 281.48 Genome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Onygena corvina  



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Genome and secretome analyses provide insights into keratin decomposition by novel proteases from the non-pathogenic fungus Onygena corvina.

Huang Yuhong Y   Busk Peter Kamp PK   Herbst Florian-Alexander FA   Lange Lene L  

Applied microbiology and biotechnology 20150716 22

Poultry processing plants and slaughterhouses produce huge quantities of feathers and hair/bristle waste annually. These keratinaceous wastes are highly resistant to degradation. Onygena corvina, a non-pathogenic fungus, grows specifically on feathers, hooves, horn, and hair in nature. Hence, the proteases secreted by O. corvina are interesting in view of their potential relevance for industrial decomposition of keratinaceous wastes. We sequenced and assembled the genome of O. corvina and used a  ...[more]

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