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Ovis aries

ABSTRACT: Transcriptome profiling of the ovine pars tuberalis in long and short photoperiod conditions

ORGANISM(S): Ovis aries  



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Binary Switching of Calendar Cells in the Pituitary Defines the Phase of the Circannual Cycle in Mammals.

Wood Shona H SH   Christian Helen C HC   Miedzinska Katarzyna K   Saer Ben R C BR   Johnson Mark M   Paton Bob B   Yu Le L   McNeilly Judith J   Davis Julian R E JR   McNeilly Alan S AS   Burt David W DW   Loudon Andrew S I AS  

Current biology : CB 20150924 20

Persistent free-running circannual (approximately year-long) rhythms have evolved in animals to regulate hormone cycles, drive metabolic rhythms (including hibernation), and time annual reproduction. Recent studies have defined the photoperiodic input to this rhythm, wherein melatonin acts on thyrotroph cells of the pituitary pars tuberalis (PT), leading to seasonal changes in the control of thyroid hormone metabolism in the hypothalamus. However, seasonal rhythms persist in constant conditions  ...[more]

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