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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: B-catenin deficiency, but not c-Myc deletion, suppresses the immediate phenotypes of Apc loss in the liver

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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B-catenin deficiency, but not Myc deletion, suppresses the immediate phenotypes of APC loss in the liver.

Reed Karen R KR   Athineos Dimitris D   Meniel Valerie S VS   Wilkins Julie A JA   Ridgway Rachel A RA   Burke Zoé D ZD   Muncan Vanesa V   Clarke Alan R AR   Sansom Owen J OJ  

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20081124 48

Dysregulated Wnt signaling is seen in approximately 30% of hepatocellular carcinomas; thus, finding pathways downstream of the activation of Wnt signaling is key. Here, using cre-lox technology, we deleted the Apc gene in the adult mouse liver and observed a rapid increase in nuclear beta-catenin and c-Myc, which is associated with an induction of proliferation that led to hepatomegaly within 4 days of gene deletion. To investigate the downstream pathways responsible for these phenotypes, we ana  ...[more]

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