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ABSTRACT: Expression in parotid acinar cells during terminal differentiation



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A systems biology approach identifies a regulatory network in parotid acinar cell terminal differentiation.

Metzler Melissa A MA   Venkatesh Srirangapatnam G SG   Lakshmanan Jaganathan J   Carenbauer Anne L AL   Perez Sara M SM   Andres Sarah A SA   Appana Savitri S   Brock Guy N GN   Wittliff James L JL   Darling Douglas S DS  

PloS one 20150430 4

OBJECTIVE:The transcription factor networks that drive parotid salivary gland progenitor cells to terminally differentiate, remain largely unknown and are vital to understanding the regeneration process. METHODOLOGY:A systems biology approach was taken to measure mRNA and microRNA expression in vivo across acinar cell terminal differentiation in the rat parotid salivary gland. Laser capture microdissection (LCM) was used to specifically isolate acinar cell RNA at times spanning the month-long pe  ...[more]

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