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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: The effect of age on alternative splicing in different tissues of wild-type mice



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Global genome splicing analysis reveals an increased number of alternatively spliced genes with aging.

Rodríguez Sofía A SA   Grochová Diana D   McKenna Tomás T   Borate Bhavesh B   Trivedi Niraj S NS   Erdos Michael R MR   Eriksson Maria M  

Aging cell 20151221 2

Alternative splicing (AS) is a key regulatory mechanism for the development of different tissues; however, not much is known about changes to alternative splicing during aging. Splicing events may become more frequent and widespread genome-wide as tissues age and the splicing machinery stringency decreases. Using skin, skeletal muscle, bone, thymus, and white adipose tissue from wild-type C57BL6/J male mice (4 and 18 months old), we examined the effect of age on splicing by AS analysis of the di  ...[more]

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