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Anaerobic digester metagenome

ABSTRACT: NomiGas: Novel microbiological platform for optimization of biogas production

ORGANISM(S): anaerobic digester metagenome  



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Genomic insights into members of the candidate phylum Hyd24-12 common in mesophilic anaerobic digesters.

Kirkegaard Rasmus Hansen RH   Dueholm Morten Simonsen MS   McIlroy Simon Jon SJ   Nierychlo Marta M   Karst Søren Michael SM   Albertsen Mads M   Nielsen Per Halkjær PH  

The ISME journal 20160408 10

Members of the candidate phylum Hyd24-12 are globally distributed, but no genomic information or knowledge about their morphology, physiology or ecology is available. In this study, members of the Hyd24-12 lineage were shown to be present and abundant in full-scale mesophilic anaerobic digesters at Danish wastewater treatment facilities. In some samples, a member of the Hyd24-12 lineage was one of the most abundant genus-level bacterial taxa, accounting for up to 8% of the bacterial biomass. Thr  ...[more]

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