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Extrachromosomal DNA (microDNA) in Human, Mouse and Chicken

ABSTRACT: Extrachromosomal DNA (microDNA) in Human, Mouse and Chicken



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Production of Extrachromosomal MicroDNAs Is Linked to Mismatch Repair Pathways and Transcriptional Activity.

Dillon Laura W LW   Kumar Pankaj P   Shibata Yoshiyuki Y   Wang Yuh-Hwa YH   Willcox Smaranda S   Griffith Jack D JD   Pommier Yves Y   Takeda Shunichi S   Dutta Anindya A  

Cell reports 20150604 11

MicroDNAs are <400-base extrachromosomal circles found in mammalian cells. Tens of thousands of microDNAs have been found in all tissue types, including sperm. MicroDNAs arise preferentially from areas with high gene density, GC content, and exon density from promoters with activating chromatin modifications and in sperm from the 5'-UTR of full-length LINE-1 elements, but are depleted from lamin-associated heterochromatin. Analysis of microDNAs from a set of human cancer cell lines revealed line  ...[more]

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