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Cellvibrio japonicus Ueda107

ABSTRACT: Cellulolytic bacterium

ORGANISM(S): Cellvibrio japonicus Ueda107  



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Insights into plant cell wall degradation from the genome sequence of the soil bacterium Cellvibrio japonicus.

DeBoy Robert T RT   Mongodin Emmanuel F EF   Fouts Derrick E DE   Tailford Louise E LE   Khouri Hoda H   Emerson Joanne B JB   Mohamoud Yasmin Y   Watkins Kisha K   Henrissat Bernard B   Gilbert Harry J HJ   Nelson Karen E KE  

Journal of bacteriology 20080613 15

The plant cell wall, which consists of a highly complex array of interconnecting polysaccharides, is the most abundant source of organic carbon in the biosphere. Microorganisms that degrade the plant cell wall synthesize an extensive portfolio of hydrolytic enzymes that display highly complex molecular architectures. To unravel the intricate repertoire of plant cell wall-degrading enzymes synthesized by the saprophytic soil bacterium Cellvibrio japonicus, we sequenced and analyzed its genome, wh  ...[more]

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