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Macaca fascicularis

ABSTRACT: Generation of Cynomolgus Monkey Chimeric Fetuses Using Embryonic Stem cells

ORGANISM(S): Macaca fascicularis  



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Generation of Cynomolgus Monkey Chimeric Fetuses using Embryonic Stem Cells.

Chen Yongchang Y   Niu Yuyu Y   Li Yanjiao Y   Ai Zongyong Z   Kang Yu Y   Shi Hong H   Xiang Zheng Z   Yang Zhaohui Z   Tan Tao T   Si Wei W   Li Wei W   Xia Xueshan X   Zhou Qi Q   Ji Weizhi W   Li Tianqing T  

Cell stem cell 20150625 1

Because of their similarity to humans, non-human primates are important models for studying human disease and developing therapeutic strategies. Establishment of chimeric animals using embryonic stem cells (ESCs) could help with these investigations, but has not so far been achieved. Here, we show that cynomolgus monkey ESCs (cESCs) grown in adjusted culture conditions are able to incorporate into host embryos and develop into chimeras with contribution in all three germ layers and in germ cell  ...[more]

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