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Spirosoma linguale DSM 74

ABSTRACT: Laboratory water bath isolate

ORGANISM(S): Spirosoma linguale DSM 74  



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Complete genome sequence of Spirosoma linguale type strain (1).

Lail Kathleen K   Sikorski Johannes J   Saunders Elizabeth E   Lapidus Alla A   Glavina Del Rio Tijana T   Copeland Alex A   Tice Hope H   Cheng Jan-Fang JF   Lucas Susan S   Nolan Matt M   Bruce David D   Goodwin Lynne L   Pitluck Sam S   Ivanova Natalia N   Mavromatis Konstantinos K   Ovchinnikova Galina G   Pati Amrita A   Chen Amy A   Palaniappan Krishna K   Land Miriam M   Hauser Loren L   Chang Yun-Juan YJ   Jeffries Cynthia D CD   Chain Patrick P   Brettin Thomas T   Detter John C JC   Schütze Andrea A   Rohde Manfred M   Tindall Brian J BJ   Göker Markus M   Bristow Jim J   Eisen Jonathan A JA   Markowitz Victor V   Hugenholtz Philip P   Kyrpides Nikos C NC   Klenk Hans-Peter HP   Chen Feng F  

Standards in genomic sciences 20100330 2

Spirosoma linguale Migula 1894 is the type species of the genus. S. linguale is a free-living and non-pathogenic organism, known for its peculiar ringlike and horseshoe-shaped cell morphology. Here we describe the features of this organism, together with the complete genome sequence and annotation. This is only the third completed genome sequence of a member of the family Cytophagaceae. The 8,491,258 bp long genome with its eight plasmids, 7,069 protein-coding and 60 RNA genes is part of the Gen  ...[more]

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