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Cicer arietinum

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional response to drought stress in chickpea

ORGANISM(S): Cicer arietinum  



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Transcriptome analyses reveal genotype- and developmental stage-specific molecular responses to drought and salinity stresses in chickpea.

Garg Rohini R   Shankar Rama R   Thakkar Bijal B   Kudapa Himabindu H   Krishnamurthy Lakshmanan L   Mantri Nitin N   Varshney Rajeev K RK   Bhatia Sabhyata S   Jain Mukesh M  

Scientific reports 20160113

Drought and salinity are the major factors that limit chickpea production worldwide. We performed whole transcriptome analyses of chickpea genotypes to investigate the molecular basis of drought and salinity stress response/adaptation. Phenotypic analyses confirmed the contrasting responses of the chickpea genotypes to drought or salinity stress. RNA-seq of the roots of drought and salinity related genotypes was carried out under control and stress conditions at vegetative and/or reproductive st  ...[more]

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