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Medicago truncatula

ABSTRACT: Medicago truncatula Map

ORGANISM(S): Medicago truncatula  



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The molecular genetic linkage map of the model legume Medicago truncatula: an essential tool for comparative legume genomics and the isolation of agronomically important genes.

Thoquet Philippe P   Ghérardi Michele M   Journet Etienne-Pascal EP   Kereszt Attila A   Ané Jean-Michel JM   Prosperi Jean-Marie JM   Huguet Thierry T  

BMC plant biology 20020102

BACKGROUND:The legume Medicago truncatula has emerged as a model plant for the molecular and genetic dissection of various plant processes involved in rhizobial, mycorrhizal and pathogenic plant-microbe interactions. Aiming to develop essential tools for such genetic approaches, we have established the first genetic map of this species. Two parental homozygous lines were selected from the cultivar Jemalong and from the Algerian natural population (DZA315) on the basis of their molecular and phen  ...[more]

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