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Streptomyces araujoniae strain:CBMAI 1465

ABSTRACT: Streptomyces araujoniae strain:CBMAI 1465 Genome sequencing and assembly

ORGANISM(S): Streptomyces araujoniae  



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Streptomyces araujoniae Produces a Multiantibiotic Complex with Ionophoric Properties to Control Botrytis cinerea.

Silva Leonardo José LJ   Crevelin Eduardo José EJ   Souza Wallace Rafael WR   Moraes Luiz Alberto Beraldo LA   Melo Itamar Soares IS   Zucchi Tiago Domingues TD  

Phytopathology 20141201 12

A recently described actinomycete species (Streptomyces araujoniae ASBV-1(T)) is effective against many phytopathogenic fungi. In this study, we evaluated the capacity of this species to inhibit Botrytis cinerea development in strawberry pseudofruit, and we identified the chemical structures of its bioactive compounds. An ethyl acetate crude extract (0.1 mg ml(-1)) of ASBV-1(T) fermentation broth completely inhibited fungus growth in strawberry pseudofruit under storage conditions. The crude ext  ...[more]

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