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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Modeling transcriptional cis-regulation with a library of genome-wide histone H3K27ac profiles

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Modeling cis-regulation with a compendium of genome-wide histone H3K27ac profiles.

Wang Su S   Zang Chongzhi C   Xiao Tengfei T   Fan Jingyu J   Mei Shenglin S   Qin Qian Q   Wu Qiu Q   Li Xujuan X   Xu Kexin K   He Housheng Hansen HH   Brown Myles M   Meyer Clifford A CA   Liu X Shirley XS  

Genome research 20160727 10

Model-based analysis of regulation of gene expression (MARGE) is a framework for interpreting the relationship between the H3K27ac chromatin environment and differentially expressed gene sets. The framework has three main functions: MARGE-potential, MARGE-express, and MARGE-cistrome. MARGE-potential defines a regulatory potential (RP) for each gene as the sum of H3K27ac ChIP-seq signals weighted by a function of genomic distance from the transcription start site. The MARGE framework includes a c  ...[more]

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