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Vibrio cholerae O1 str. C6706

ABSTRACT: Characterization of the TcpP Regulon Vibrio cholerae El Tor

ORGANISM(S): Vibrio cholerae O1 str. C6706  



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ToxR Antagonizes H-NS Regulation of Horizontally Acquired Genes to Drive Host Colonization.

Kazi Misha I MI   Conrado Aaron R AR   Mey Alexandra R AR   Payne Shelley M SM   Davies Bryan W BW  

PLoS pathogens 20160412 4

The virulence regulator ToxR initiates and coordinates gene expression needed by Vibrio cholerae to colonize the small intestine and cause disease. Despite its prominence in V. cholerae virulence, our understanding of the direct ToxR regulon is limited to four genes: toxT, ompT, ompU and ctxA. Here, we determine ToxR's genome-wide DNA-binding profile and demonstrate that ToxR is a global regulator of both progenitor genome-encoded genes and horizontally acquired islands that encode V. cholerae's  ...[more]

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