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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Identification of factors involved in target RNA-directed microRNA degradation

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Identification of factors involved in target RNA-directed microRNA degradation.

Haas Gabrielle G   Cetin Semih S   Messmer Mélanie M   Chane-Woon-Ming Béatrice B   Terenzi Olivier O   Chicher Johana J   Kuhn Lauriane L   Hammann Philippe P   Pfeffer Sébastien S  

Nucleic acids research 20160124 6

The mechanism by which micro (mi)RNAs control their target gene expression is now well understood. It is however less clear how the level of miRNAs themselves is regulated. Under specific conditions, abundant and highly complementary target RNA can trigger miRNA degradation by a mechanism involving nucleotide addition and exonucleolytic degradation. One such mechanism has been previously observed to occur naturally during viral infection. To date, the molecular details of this phenomenon are not  ...[more]

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