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Petunia x hybrida

ABSTRACT: Transcriptomic Analysis of Petunia hybrida in Response to Salt Stress Using High Throughput RNA Sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Petunia x hybrida  



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Transcriptomic analysis of Petunia hybrida in response to salt stress using high throughput RNA sequencing.

Villarino Gonzalo H GH   Bombarely Aureliano A   Giovannoni James J JJ   Scanlon Michael J MJ   Mattson Neil S NS  

PloS one 20140410 4

Salinity and drought stress are the primary cause of crop losses worldwide. In sodic saline soils sodium chloride (NaCl) disrupts normal plant growth and development. The complex interactions of plant systems with abiotic stress have made RNA sequencing a more holistic and appealing approach to study transcriptome level responses in a single cell and/or tissue. In this work, we determined the Petunia transcriptome response to NaCl stress by sequencing leaf samples and assembling 196 million Illu  ...[more]

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