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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Transcriptomic analysis of liver of WT and p21KO mice upon 24h fasting



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p21<sup>Cip1</sup> plays a critical role in the physiological adaptation to fasting through activation of PPARα.

Lopez-Guadamillas Elena E   Fernandez-Marcos Pablo J PJ   Pantoja Cristina C   Muñoz-Martin Maribel M   Martínez Dolores D   Gómez-López Gonzalo G   Campos-Olivas Ramón R   Valverde Angela M AM   Serrano Manuel M  

Scientific reports 20161010

Fasting is a physiological stress that elicits well-known metabolic adaptations, however, little is known about the role of stress-responsive tumor suppressors in fasting. Here, we have examined the expression of several tumor suppressors upon fasting in mice. Interestingly, p21 mRNA is uniquely induced in all the tissues tested, particularly in liver and muscle (>10 fold), and this upregulation is independent of p53. Remarkably, in contrast to wild-type mice, p21-null mice become severely morbi  ...[more]

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