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Yersinia pestis strain:A-1249

ABSTRACT: Yersinia pestis strain:A-1249 Genome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Yersinia pestis  



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Yersinia pestis strains of ancient phylogenetic branch 0.ANT are widely spread in the high-mountain plague foci of Kyrgyzstan.

Eroshenko Galina A GA   Nosov Nikita Yu NY   Krasnov Yaroslav M YM   Oglodin Yevgeny G YG   Kukleva Lyubov M LM   Guseva Natalia P NP   Kuznetsov Alexander A AA   Abdikarimov Sabyrzhan T ST   Dzhaparova Aigul K AK   Kutyrev Vladimir V VV  

PloS one 20171026 10

Fifty six Yersinia pestis strains, isolated over the period of more than 50 years in three high-mountain foci of Kyrgyzstan (Tien Shan, Alai, and Talas), have been characterized by means of PCR and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) typing methods. Seven of these strains were also characterized by means of whole genome sequencing and genome-wide SNP phylogenetic analysis. It was found that forty two strains belong to 0.ANT2, 0.ANT3 and 0.ANT5 phylogenetic branches. From these, strains of 0.ANT  ...[more]

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