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Arabidopsis thaliana

ABSTRACT: Ethylene induced phosphorylation of CBP20 is involved in root growth [RNA-seq]

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  



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Phosphorylation of CBP20 Links MicroRNA to Root Growth in the Ethylene Response.

Zhang Fan F   Wang Likai L   Lim Jae Yun JY   Kim Taewook T   Pyo Youngjae Y   Sung Sibum S   Shin Chanseok C   Qiao Hong H  

PLoS genetics 20161121 11

Ethylene is one of the most important hormones for plant developmental processes and stress responses. However, the phosphorylation regulation in the ethylene signaling pathway is largely unknown. Here we report the phosphorylation of cap binding protein 20 (CBP20) at Ser245 is regulated by ethylene, and the phosphorylation is involved in root growth. The constitutive phosphorylation mimic form of CBP20 (CBP20S245E or CBP20S245D), while not the constitutive de-phosphorylation form of CBP20 (CBP2  ...[more]

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